Sat 14th Apr All Club Opening Day H 1.30 pm
Tues 12th Apr Opening Day H 1.00 pm
Thur 21st Apr Hawkhead Friendly H 2.00 pm
Thur 5th May Bellahouston Friendly H 2.00 pm
Mon 9th May East Renfrewshire-Hosting H 1.00 pm
Sat 14th May Anderson/ Crawford Mixed Balloted Pairs H 1.30 pm
Mon 16th May West of Scotland-Hosting H 1.00 pm
Thur 26th May Ladies Bowling Outing to Largs 9.15 am
Tues 31st May Celebration Day H 1.30 pm
Sun 5th June Cardonald Mixed Friendly H 1.30 pm
Tue 14th June Balloted Fours H 1.00 pm
Thur 16th June Robertson Park Friendly H 2.00 pm
Sat 18th June Erskine Balloted Mixed Fours H 13:30:00
Tue 28th June Triples H 1.00 pm
Sat 9th July McGregor Mixed Nominated Triples H 1.30 pm
Tue 12th July Joyce Rattray 2 Bowl Singles H 1.00 pm
Sat 23rd July R Walker Trophy H 1. 30 pm
Tue 26th July Betty Linn 2 Bowl Pairs H 1.00 pm
Frid 29th July Bill Mair Fellowship Trophy H 6.30 pm
Sat 30th July Meikleriggs Mixed Friendly (Catering) 1.30 pm
Thur 4th Aug Invitation Fours H 1:00 pm
Sat 6th Aug Ralston Presidents Mixed Game (Buffet) H 1.30 pm

Tue 16th Aug Jubilee Day H 1.30 pm
Sat 20th Aug Kingston Mixed Threes H 1.30 pm
Thur 25th Aug Abercorn Friendly H 2.00 pm
Mon 29th Aug Wigton Bowling Club Friendly H 2.00 pm
Thur 8th Sept Friendship Trophy Ladies V Vets H 1.30 pm

Tue 13th Sept Charity Afternoon H 1.30 pm
Thur 15th Sept Cardonald Friendly H 2.00 pm
Thur 22nd Sept Douglas & May Sinclair Trophy H 1.30 pm
Frid 7th Oct Closing Day H 1.30 pm
Sat 8th Oct Club Closing Day (Wacky Wappenschaw) H 1.30 pm
Frid 21st Oct Ladies Presentation of Prizes 6.15 pm
Frid 9th Dec Christmas Party 7.30 pm
Thur 02/02/17 Ladies A G M – Afternoon 2.00 pm


  •  Wappenschaws- Tuesday afternoon last disc 1.30 on green 1.40pm
     Public Holidays- Free play
    Times shown are generally meant to be starting times but should be
    checked against notice board information given at the time of the event.

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